JOSHUA Wasylciw

Joshua is a Family Lawyer with Resolve Legal Group who is originally from Worsley, Alberta. Joshua attributes his personal development as a lawyer to Lord Denning of England, who wrote Joshua’s favourite judgments to read. His favourite lessons to have learned in life are: family should come before anything else, enjoy the present moment, and everything is fixable. The famous person Joshua identifies the most with is Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson and would describe himself as outgoing, curious and adventurous. 

Joshua’s proudest achievements are having an extensive amount of peer-reviewed publications and his involvement in provincial and federal politics. He has also received an honours designation in University and is the recipient of a Governor’s General Academic Award. 

In his spare time, Joshua volunteers with the Conservative Party of Canada, the United Conservative Party of Alberta, the DIY Theatre Society and Calgary Legal Guidance. He enjoys traveling, watching movies, learning languages, and spending time with his dog. Joshua is grateful for his opportunity to meet the owner of Resolve Legal Group, Cyndy Morin, while he was articling in another firm. This meeting lead to Joshua being offered a position with Resolve Legal Group upon completion of his articles. 

In the future, Joshua hopes for the opportunity to learn how to fly an airplane and do more travelling. For now, Joshua is enjoying helping people through his career and focusing on divorces, child custody, property issues and helping with Kids in Mind. 

The best compliment Joshua has received about his work is: “This is superb! I had no idea a document could look this good!”