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Calgary Herald Review: Hobson's Choice

“[Half The Battle] a triple-R remarkable performance, achievement and showcase for Owen Bishop, who wrote and performs this solo show about a pair of Canadian flyers in the Second World War…This is one show you don’t want to miss.”

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CBC Interview: Half the Battle

“A new play tells the story of two Canadian pilots in the second World War who don't just battle the enemy...they also battle each other. An Alberta playwright wrote, and also performs in, Half the Battle. Owen Bishop was inspired by his grandfather's wartime experiences.”


BroadWay World Review: Knowing is Only HALF THE BATTLE with DIY and Sage Theatre Companies

“With one actor, sixty minutes, and a relatively bare design, the only thing I can say about this production is: "wow!" “


Owen Bishop’s Half the Battle is a remarkable master class in characterization

“ What is a remarkable first play, and a remarkable performance.”

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Preview: Half the Battle first in new project to showcase emerging theatre artists

Bishop’s one-man show, Half the Battle, is the inaugural production in Sage Theatre’s new Stepping Stone Project, in which Sage assists emerging artists in their transition to professional theatre.