The Generous Ten


It all started when…

When someone asked to volunteer to see our show. They were in a tough financial situation but really wanted to see our show, Time Stands Still. They hoped that volunteering would be a way to do so. And then we realized that one of the best things we could do was to offer people the opportunity to engage with our work - at no charge to them. The Generous Ten project was born.

What is “the Generous Ten”?

It’s a program that enables people, no matter their situation to come and participate in DIY Theatre’s shows and programs. No questions asked. Specifically,

  • We set aside at least 10 seats per run of a show

  • With fundraising support, we aim to set aside 10% of our show’s seats in the future

  • As a stretch goal, we aim to raise $10,000 to create new engaging shows and programs

How can I be part of the Generous TEN?

  • You can send us an email at with subject The Generous Ten - and we can put a seat aside for you.

  • Purchase a match-for-match ticket at our shows

  • Join in May 2019 for our first fundraising event to grow The Generous Ten

Half the Battle Update

Through the kind generosity of an anonymous donor we are pleased to have 20 tickets available at no cost to veterans. We hope veterans would be able to join us on November 8th for a special gathering, however veterans able to attend any show. Please email us at to register for the program, or fill out the form below. Dates for Half the Battle are here.

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