Conversations with Creators: Marcus Williams

We catch up with Marcus Williams, actor and radio host hailing from Canmore, who plays Neil Krogstad in A Doll’s House: Wild Rose

Marcus .jpg

What are three words that describe you best?

Often, people describe me as; a personified version of your childhood teddy bear, who has been locked away in an attic for a bit too long and it shows… wait sorry, I was asked to describe myself in 3 words: confidently-awkward, weirdly-handsome, and fun. 

What about this play/character challenges you?

 The biggest challenge about my character Neil; he effortlessly is able to toss friendship aside for a career gain. To a normal person, his actions seem almost cartoonishly heartless, but he still needs to be human. 

What about this play/character freaks you out a little?

Taking on this play is a big task; it’s a classic. I definitely feel the pressure to give this work the justice it deserves.

What is one thing you wish the audience could know about the show to make them excited to see it?

If you come to see this show, keep in mind the cast are some of the most outwardly caring people I’ve come across in my life, whereas most of the characters in this play are…not.

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