The Cast of Closer: Meet Larry

Confident. Talented. And a wealth of experience.

When Jayson walked into the room, we knew we had found our Larry.

Jayson Therrien is an award winning actor/producer. Originally from Toronto, he now resides in Calgary with his wife (Molly) and two Dalmatians (Jasper & Bo). 

DIY's production of Patrick Marber's "Closer" has pulled him back to the stage after a three year hiatus and he couldn't be more excited about the incredible writing Mr. Marber has created for actors to play and explore with.

Immediately after "Closer" closes his focus will switch back to producing his third feature film, “Felix” set to film around Calgary this fall.

Jayson is the co-founder of “GREEN” Productions Inc. which just wrapped their second feature film “Everfall”.  

His theatre credits include: "The Melville Boys"(GREEN Productions/Workshop Theatre), "...And Then The Lights Went Out" & "Bed Time Stories"(Workshop Theatre), "Wait Until Dark"(Vertigo Mystery Theatre) and "Tape"(Rogues Theatre). Film and TV acting credits include, “A Miracle on Christmas Lake”(SONY Pictures Home Entertainment), “Still/Born”, “Fargo (FX TV series), “Chokeslam”, “Gone By Dawn”, "Heartland"(CBC) and “Word of Mouth” the web series (

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