The Cast of Time Stands Still: Meet James

Wil Knoll as James.jpg

Contemplative. Mysterious. Charming.

Meet Wil Knoll - our James.

In one of his other lives, Wil would have become a freelance writer
with articles in Wired, Ars Technica, and maybe the Globe and Mail.
Instead, he ended up as a sometimes art conspirator while working in
technology, with a brief stint as a technology correspondent for the
CBC Calgary TV News at 6. Selected credits include an uncredited
voiceover for a commercial with 660,000 views on youtube, pretending
to be a dancer in OYR's Radioheaded 2 and 3, and letting people think
he knows what he's doing with communications networks for Emergency
Services at the annual Burning Man festival. In all versions of his
life he lives with a cat although he is allergic. You can play along
at home by following @wintr on twitter.

Why is this story special?
I think that Journalists and Actors sometimes share the same charge.
They must capture the minute in the grand, isolate in tiny moments the
large simple truths. Margulies' characters are written so honestly,
almost plainly when compared to the large characters weaker writers
have to hide behind. Their small intimate moments say something so
deafening about how relationships work. I can't help but hear the
arguments had and the words left unsaid in my personal life sometimes
in Margulies' work.


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